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Before you schedule your appointment, it might be important to get some questions cleared up. For instance, why should you trust our TekHelpers? What if you need to know about the rescheduling policy? We've got answers for you below. If our FAQ section doesn't cover it for you, feel free to reach out and contact us.

TekHelp is a service dedicated to helping households remove frustrations related to day-to-day management of their technology. TekHelpers work with clients live either in-person or live remotely to achieve this goal.

Yes, TekHelp is available across the entire country for live remote sessions, In-Person TekHelp support is currently available in South Florida, Phoenix, as well as Denver/Boulder and Colorado Springs.

We’re available from 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Saturday. If you need emergency assistance, we’ll also try to accommodate!

No, TekHelpers do not accept tips. TekHelpers are full-time employees, not contractors and they are compensated in a way that does not and should not include tips.

Billing for TekHelp service is based on an hourly rate. There are price breaks as the number of hours of service increases. Once you move forward with purchasing session credits, you will be able to schedule your session time.

Pricing for TekHelp services is based on hourly rates of $150 per hour. There are price breaks as the number of hours of service increases

All of our trainers are background checked, bonded, and insured.

All of our TekHelpers are highly talented, come from diverse backgrounds, and have worked with multiple clients during their careers to resolve their issues.

You won’t have to sit around wondering where your TekHelper is! One of our #1 priorities is punctuality, which means that TekHelpersers are reliably on time. If not, we’ll be in touch with you to communicate the circumstances regarding their delay, such as traffic.

You can! If you’ve built a great working relationship with your TekHelper, you can select them each time. Remember that if you want a specific TekHelper, their schedule may be more limited.

You can reschedule at any time before the 24-hour window prior to your appointment.

If one of our TekHelpers is available, we’ll try to accommodate your same-day request. If not, we’ll schedule you as soon as possible.

That’s what we’re here for! Pick the service that sounds right and detail your problem in the box provided. Our TekHelper will diagnose your issue once they get there.

You can contact us at letsfixit@gettekhelp.com or 1-800-551-3868 for any questions or concerns. To schedule your appointment, set it up online whenever it suits you. Then, sit back and wait for your TekHelper to arrive!

We don’t offer rescheduling or cancellation within 24 hours of your appointment. We also don’t offer refunds.